Sunday, 24 February 2008

Rafting the Zambezi

When we were at Victoria Falls, a group of us from our tour rafted the Zambezi, a 30km streach of river with, from memory, four grade 5 rapids and a handful of grade 4 rapids - over 20 rapids in total.

Obvouisly as I was on the raft, I couldn't take photos but the good folks at Saf Par got one of their Kayakers to take photos which I bought. A few of the guys who did the rafting with me have been asking for the photos so I have put them on line. Click on the photo to view (thats me in the blue holding on for dear life and taking a huge gasp of air):


The tag for that photo set is Africa so other shots of africa will end up in there as I get around to uploadig them. For the moment it is just the rafting photos and a random photo of the red pyramid in Egypt.

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