Monday, 13 October 2008

TDI07: Cuba Libra

This day in 2007:

Che Guevara picture

Habana, Cuba: We finally arrived in Habana, but not without further issues. OUr flight from Amsterdam to Cuba was via Paris and we had to run so that we didn't miss another flight. Then we left the lonely planet guide on the plane so arrived in a spanish speaking country with no bookings or travel plans(except the first 2 days) in a country that doesn't really have a tourist industry, except the resorts which we didn't want to do. We eventially bought a Guide of travellers departing to the airport so we we free to do as we pleased. The picture above is of Cubas favourite revolutionary, Che, on the Ministry of defense building and the photo below is the guard of Lennons glasses (re puts them on the statutes only when a tourist bus turns up so no one can steal them).


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