Sunday, 9 November 2008

TDI07: Chimp Island

This day in 2007:


Uganda, Africa: From Entebbe, we drove to Lake Victoria and caught a boat across the lake (and the equator) to Ngamba Island, a refuge for Chimps.  They still have to feed them as the forest on the Island is only enough to support 1 chimp full time, but all the chimps have been rescued so it is a better life from what they would other wise have had.  This the old guy of the group, if you couldn’t tell from the grey hair.


The bird below is the Ugandan Crown Crane, their national bird and the little monkey is from the zoo on the shore of lake Victoria where we caught the boat from. Click through for more photos of Africa or Uganda.

20071109_Entebbe_084 20071109_Entebbe_091

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