Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Nude photo of the first lady of France

The first Lady for France
[Warning: Fully image below]
I am not sure whether the French President should feel proud or upset about this photo?

Carla Bruni doesn't look bad but it wont help his popularity stakes in France (except maybe in the young male demographic) as it isn't exactly becoming of a first lady to be photographed Nude, no matter how tasteful.

A nude portrait of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's wife Carla Bruni will go under the hammer in New York next month, according to auctioneers Christie's.

The 32.5 x 22.5cm gelatine silver black and white photograph was taken in 1993, when Bruni was one of the world's top fashion models, and is being sold by art collector Gert Elfering.

It is expected to fetch $US3000 to $US4000 when it is sold in New York on April 10, according to the Christie's website.

Sarkozy married Bruni, 40, in February after a whirlwind romance that began shortly after his divorce from his second wife Cecilia.

Their relationship has coincided with a sharp fall in Sarkozy's approval ratings which have tumbled as voters judged that the president's glitzy lifestyle jarred with his responsibilities and status as head of state.


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