Sunday, 15 June 2008

The iPhone is coming to NZ, the iPhone is coming

The iPhone is coming to New Zealand.  This was first announced by Vodafone UK and many say it came as a surprise to many an Vodafone NZ.

Steve Job then announced the iPhone 3G at the WWDC conference.  Vodafone NZ then announced that they were going to get the new iPhone and that it would be released on the worldwide release date – 11 July.  Interestingly this means that NZ will be the first country in the world, all thanks to our geographic location. 

So if you want to be the first in the world to get the iPhone, register here.

Unfortunately, Vodafone has not released how much it is going to cost, or how much the call and data plans are going to cost.  In the US, they are being provided with an unlimited data plan for $30 – in New Zealand, you are lucky to get 200mb for that cost.  Just to push home the expensive cost of data in NZ, Rod Drury has a great post about a guy who racked up $900 in data costs in one month.

I want to get one.  My cell phone is starting to fail and my ipod is a 2G version so is well past its used by date.  Hopefully I will be able to comgine the two devices for a reasonable cost.

I am also interested in GPS.  Hopefully there will be some apps developed that will enable geo-sycning for photos – I think it is inbuilt for photos taken by the iPhone but I want to geo-sycn photos taken with my 20D.

I will keep you post when I here more.


Anonymous said...

I just got the following email from Vodafone NZ:


Here at Vodafone, we're eagerly counting down the days until the launch of the new iPhone 3G - and we bet you are too!
So, what's next?
We will be rolling out our exciting iPhone 3G plans very soon. So make sure to keep an eye on your inbox to stay ahead of the game.
What's really exciting is NZ will be one of the first countries in the world with the iPhone 3G!

Stocks will be limited so you'll need to be quick.


CJPhoto said...

Yep, I just got it too.