Thursday, 26 June 2008

Zooomr announces new features

I have to announce that I was wrong.  In my previous post I said Zooomr were focusing on mobile features and moving away from being a true photography site.  Kris (founder and CTO) even posted a comment to say I was wrong.  Little did I know that 2 weeks later, they would release 3 new features aimed at the photographers.

The new features are:

New Navigation from new header bar: This makes it much easier to navigate around the site.

Discover and Undiscovered: Discovered in now paged so you can see more of the best stuff.  Already seen all the best stuff … then go to undiscovered.  This shows the best photos from people who you don’t follow and those that you haven’t faved.  This is a great way to see new stuff while ignoring all the noise of the photos you have already seen and faved!

Awards: Sick and tired of adding the fav10 keyword when your photos get recognised.  Now it will happen automatically.  And they are looking at adding new awards like highest views in a day etc.  A bit of fun but a great initiative for a true online photography community.

Take a look at the video of new features:

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Celine said...

Sometimes it's good to be wrong. :) Nice post about the new features.