Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The iPhone is here … disappointment

Further to my previous post, the iPhone is coming …, Vodafone NZ has now released the pricing plans for the iPhone in NZ. Well they are nothing to write a blog about.

Vodafone started of by building up the expectation by saying the price would be NZ$199 for the phone. But at about 10.45 this morning (after their site going down for 45 minutes), they released their price plans:

iPhone prices

Expensive? Yes! most expensive in the world? Compare to others here and here.  This is even being picked up worldwide with Techcrunch noting that our plans are expensive (here).

So will I be getting one?  Maybe.  you dont have to choose the “iPhone plans”, you can build one up yourself from their “you choose” plans so I should be able to get what I want for $90 per month (still haven’t figured out what subsidy I will get off the full price though).

Anyone else getting an iPhone?

Are Vodafone Prices the worse in the world?

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